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Product Description

The "Hell Synth" is a palm sized experimental synth you can buy prebuilt or as a kit. Little noise synths are often limited in the scope of their sound, either they grind aggressively like dive-bombing aeroplanes, or drone in massive arrays of humming square-waves.

THIS HELL SYNTH IS A LITTLE DIFFERENT! The range of sounds that come out of this little box will keep you twiddling for hours. There are oceans of glass, lightening fast arpeggios, swarming notes that dance in and out of phase.

This is the fifth version of this synth design and the tenth version of the software. I've been working to make sure it is fun to use while being full of awesome sounds.

So far there are THREE programs I have written for it including:

FROM HELL!!! V2: This is a hard-core noise synth with six digital wavetable oscillators, tons of glitch, modulation and waveforms. It also has midi out.

ARP BOX V2: A cute little arpeggiator with both audio and MIDI out, capable of everything from Casio-style acid crazy to bleepy-bloops.

Zsynth: Space radio, slow warping, phasing sweeps, pulsing beats and hums. MIDI out coming soon.

How to buiild a Hell Synth

Hell Synth Orders and Production Information

If you would like to be kept in the loop about when you can order a Hell Synth, or any other products, please shoot me an email at catfullofghosts@gmail.com.